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002. as_EasySnake

as_EasySnake - Options

---------                                                                           Create the snake rig using as_EasySnake, an Auto Snake Rigging System, with the help of various features as described below ..

What You Receive:
1. as_EasySnakeMain.pyc (Main Tool)
2. as_EasySnakeMain.ui(UI)
3. asNode.pyc (Supporting Module)

Delivery Time:
Delivery of the tools may take up to 1 to 2 days,
Since it involves compilation process. This tool is available at per system basis only.

1. Various Types of Ctrl Shapes
2. Selection of No. of Joints and No. Of Ctrls
3. Flexibility at both ends
4. Initial Selection Type: Curve or Jnts
5. Ctrl Type: Grouped or Cluster Ctrl
6. Ctrl Parent Style: Individual or Parented to Next Ctrl
7. Random Ctrl Colors
8. Auto Smooth for Skinning
9. Crawling Setup for Wave like motion

Additional Features Available:
Below option is available at extra cost
1. Path Anim : Easy Snake Animation Along Path
 as_PathAnim (Free Rig)
You can check the above free snake created from as_EasySnake for travel on path feature.

Documentation & Support:
1. Most of the documentation is already provided in above videos and Tool Window.
2. eMail help will be provided when ever it is needed, during usage of script.
3. No refund will be given. Tool can be delivered to your mail id.