as_EasySmooth -Options


asEasySmooth is the advanced version of free tool asSmoothNearest It smooths projected skinned vertices and make the skinning much faster.

Its a feature from Advance Hyper Skinning System. Hyper Skinning System is not available with this package. asEasySmooth indicates 'Smooth' button in this window. This tool doesn't comes with window.

What You Receive:
1. as_EasySmoothMain.pyc (Main Tool)

Delivery Of Tool:
Delivery of the tools may take up to 1 to 2 days, since it involves compilation process. This tool is available at per system basis only. Tool can be delivered to your mail id.

Documentation & Support:
1. Most of the documentation is already provided in above videos and Tool Window.
2. eMail help will be provided when ever it is needed, during usage of script.
3. No refund will be given.