Download This Free Maya Snake Rig From My Web Site:
Now this tool is available for sale. For details, contact :
Prepared this video based on one of my client request, to attach scaled snake rig to motion path..
Various Other Tools for Snakes:
1. (Auto Snake Rigging Tool)
2. as_PathAnim (To Animate Snake Along Path)
3. as_SnakePaths (To Create Multiple Snake Paths)
4. as_MultiSnakes(To Animate Multiple Snakes Along Multiple Paths on Ground or Human Body etc.)
Advanced Snake Features will be shown in my next video.
Coming Soon: Multiple Snakes Crawling Animation on body and ground with Scripting:
1. Various Types of Ctrl Shapes
2. Selection of No. of Joints and No. Of Ctrls
3. Flexibility at both ends
4. Initial Selection Type: Curve or Jnts
5. Ctrl Type: Grouped or Cluster Ctrl
6. Ctrl Parent Style: Individual or Parented to Next Ctrl
7. Random Ctrl Colors
8. Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation Along Path
9. Crawling Setup for Snake motion
10. Hyper Smooth for Skinning
New Updates:
1. Create Basic Hierarchy
2.  Eyes Setup
3. Jaw Setup
4. Tongue Setup (in progress)
as_EasySnake Usage : Watch Following Demo (Usage In Movie)
You Can Watch: Advanced Hyper Skinning System