Adv. Hyper Skinning System (Auto Skinning) : Quadrupeds Edition & as_SmoothNearest from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.


You don't have to sweat bullets about Skinning anymore. Yep, I am serious! Rig anything from Props, toddlers to Beasts with my Flagship product "Advanced Hyper Skinning System". Stay tuned for the official release.
The critical part in any skinning is Division Of Regions according to Joints. Hyper Skinning can divide the skinning regions easily and Its weighting system is unique in its nature.. Even hyper skinning has joint level control with attributes 'blendMethod' and 'blendValue'. It's hyper smooth and as_SmoothNearest options are unbeatable. After Hyper Skinning, only maya skinCluster remains. No need of additional deformers. Hyper Skinning uses Maya's default 'Smooth Bind' option. After hyper skinning rig is as light as earlier with updated skinning. And its unique algorithm, preserves volume at different regions like elbows and shoulders..

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