Hyper Skinning System For Maya (Art & Technic) from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

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My dream for the past 2 years has come true.
Finally, Scripting has proven its potential in Skinning also.
My ambition is to develop one script to handle all skinnings in all rigs. Now we are seeing here :)

There is an article about this video on French Web

It Automates Skinning Process In Maya by combination of Art & Technic

1. Volume Preservation At Shoulders & Hips
2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Time
3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird, Quadruped etc.)
4. Works On All Selected Vertices
5. Resume Default Skinning On Selected Vertices At Any Time
6. Start Hyper Skinning From Default Skin At Any Time
7. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process
8. Auto Creation of 'Geo Centric Meshes' and their usage.
9. Tight integration with Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig etc.)
10. Works Based On Bones But Not Joints
Check as_EasyBird here : http://vimeo.com/17439975

Modules Used:
eRig, eMath, spRig

Work In Progress:
1. Skin Correction Tool for various poses
2. Special Tools to get better feel at elbow & Knee areas
3. Addition of Skin Transfer to HSS.
4. Check here, for new features plus 'Quadruped Skinning' with v1.0

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