This 'Module Rigging System' involves 6 individual scripts as detailed below

 eRig ( Maya Module ) 
Helps to reduce typing of coding up to 60% for main scripts like as_EasyBird
It consists 50 attrs like snapTo_Vtx, createCurv etc. It is module for maya programming.
You can watch one of the many functions of 'eRig' here: eRig_UnfreezeRotation

2. eCtrl ( Maya Module ) -- It creates 50 different controls for any auto rig
3. as_EasyBird -- Its for main auto rigging of bird
4. as_WingFeather -- It rigs feathers so intelligently.
5. as_AutoAnim -- Creates various options from one fly cycle
6. as_MirrorBirdAnim -- It mirrors one side anim to another side