Modular Rigging System : SnakeKit - Auto Snake Rigging Kit
Snake Rigging Kit Includes Following:
1. as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging Tool)
2. as_PathAnim (To Animate Snake Along Path)
3. as_SnakePaths (To Create Multiple Snake Paths)
4. as_MultiSnakes (To Animate Multiple Snakes Along Multiple Paths on Ground or Human Body etc.)
Advanced Snake Features will be shown in my next video.

Features -as_EasySnake
1.Selection Of Control Shapes
2. Selection Of No. Of Joints or No. Of Controls
3. Flexibility At Ends
4. Selection Type: Curve Or Top Joint
5. Control Type: Grouped Or Cluster Control
6. Control Parent: Individual or Parent To Next Control
7. Random Control Colors
8. Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation
9. Crawl Rig: Sine Movement For Snake In Motion
Due to request from many animators, I am releasing this Snake Rig done by as_SnakeKit(Python Scripting) for practice purpose only. It is now available from this website:
Subbu Addanki