Robo / Endhiran Pre-Viz Animation from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

Have done modeling, rigging and scripting for all 52 characters for the Robot / Endhiran Pre-Visualization. Climax Formations & Transformation animations are done by me with Python Programming for Previz.

Formations By Scripting (Previz):
1. Ball (Formation)
2. Ball Expansion (Transformation)
3. Ball --> Tube (Transformation)
4. Tube --> Wall (Transformation)
5. Drill (Formation)
6. Snake (Formation)
7. Porcupine (Formation)
8. Ladder (Formation)
9. Giant Robot (Robot of Robots' Formation)


Producer: Sun Pictures
Director: N Shankar
VFX Supervisor: V Srinivas Mohan
Firefly VFX Supervisor: Sanath PC