DW// Tutorial 02: Nuke - GD-Read Setup Scripts (Relative Read Nodes) from David Windhorst on Vimeo.

DW// Tutorial by David Windhorst - Learn how to use the GD-Read Setup Pack Scripts in order to create suedo-relative Read nodes. A Global Directory node is used to establish a root path used by the Read nodes associated to it. This allows user to fix/prevent Read errors when image files and scripts are moved around in directories or even workstations.

Python script pack including 3 new commands/nodes: GLOBAL_DIRECTORY node, Associate GD-Read Node Selected, and GD-Read Node Setup. Also includes custom 'DW Tools' menu to store these commands and future ones to a menu on the 'Nodes' panel menu in Nuke for easy access.

Used to make relative Read nodes. The GD node contains the root directory used to point to where the Read nodes associated to it are contained. If the script and Read files are moved to another workstation or directory, the user only needs to update the GD node to the new location. GD nodes can be nested manually (associate one GD to another) in order to mimic more complex folder/sub-folder structures within Nuke.

NOTE: Some limitations due to the variability of OS structures may lead to these scripts not working/creating unexpected results. They have been tested in Nuke 6.3v8 running on Windows 7 (64-bit) OS.

To download the scripts/menu used in this tutorial