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as_EasySnake ( Auto Snake Rigging Tools ) : Travel On Path & Multiple Snakes

as_EasySnake ( Auto Snake Rigging Tools ) : Travel On Path & Multiple Snakes from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

Download This Free Maya Snake Rig From CreativeCrash:

Now this tool is available for sale. For details, contact :

00:05 - Stretch Along Path
01:01 - Hair Snakes Stretching From The Head & Traveling
01:10 - Travel On Path (Path Animation)
01:12 - File 'as_EasySnake_v1.2' rig download information
01:52 - Multiple Snakes traveling on body which is in motion (R&D)
02:00 - Multiple Snakes traveling on Uneven ground (R&D)
02:37 - Rig Scaling & Path Animation Tutorial (Travel On Path)
04:42 - Credits

Various Other Tools for Snakes:
1. (Auto Snake Rigging Tool)
2. as_PathAnim (To Animate Snake Along Path)
3. as_SnakePaths (To Create Multiple Snake Paths)
4. as_MultiSnakes(To Animate Multiple Snakes Along Multiple Paths on Ground or Human Body etc.)

Advanced Snake Features will be shown in my next video.

1. Various Types of Ctrl Shapes
2. Selection of No. of Joints and No. Of Ctrls
3. Flexibility at both ends
4. Initial Selection Type: Curve or Jnts
5. Ctrl Type: Grouped or Cluster Ctrl
6. Ctrl Parent Style: Individual or Parented to Next Ctrl
7. Random Ctrl Colors
8. Path Animation: Easy Snake Animation Along Path
9. Crawling Setup for Snake motion
10. Hyper Smooth for Skinning

New Updates:
1. Create Basic Hierarchy
2. Eyes Setup
3. Jaw Setup
4. Tongue Setup

as_EasySnake Usage : Watch Following Demo (Usage In Movie)

You Can Watch: Advanced Hyper Skinning System




Free Python Script : cr_SkinAssist by Chris Russell

This is a showcase and tutorial of Chris Russell cr_skinAssist tool in action. This tool was written in Python for Maya. It serves as a series of mini-tools for weighting and as an alternative to the Component Editor. It also assist with isolating influenced regions to help focus weighting on chosen regions.

Tool can be found for free on creative crash

Created by: Chris Russell, Technical Artist

Music: "VengeanceUberRemix" by: djhoohaa



Python Scripting : Offset Animator (Free Script)

Script with custom GUI for pattern/architectural animating is done by  Boris Ignjatovic. Implemented some features for easing and controlling the animation speed. Also there are two options for placing the animation. First one is based on set driven keys in which case script creates the control with a custom attribute that controls the animation, and second one is placing the animation directly on timeline.

You can download Offset Animator from his website: