as_CARS : Complete Auto Rigging System (PROMO)

Rigging and Scripting Reel (2018)

Faster Joints Placement In Biped Auto Rigs

As_HyperRig - Hyper Modular Rigging System.. Coming Soon


Hyper Modular Rigging System

Tested & Proven Methods Over A Period Of Decade


Advance Hyper Skinning System (Auto Skinning) & As_SmoothNearest


Now AHSS Comes With 'No Disc' Edition. 
And Skinning Automation becomes much easier Without Discs..

I am sharing my recent R&D results here.. 
AHSS is purely my personal work..

Hyper Discs - Provides Joint Level Control
The critical part in any skinning is Division Of Regions according to Joints. Hyper Skinning can divide the skinning regions easily and Its weighting system is unique. And Hyper Skinning has joint level control with attributes 'blendMethod' and 'blendValue'. It's Hyper Smooth and as_SmoothNearest options are unbeatable. After Hyper Skinning, only maya skinCluster remains. No need of additional deformers. Hyper Skinning uses Maya's default 'Smooth Bind' option. After hyper skinning, rig is as light as earlier with updated skinning. And it's unique algorithm, preserves volume at different regions like elbows and shoulders..

as_SmoothNearest - Smooths Vertices Before You Know It

as_HyperSkin : Auto Dual Skinning - Biped Edition
Auto Skinning With Two Layers will eliminate few of corrective shapes at Elbows, Knees, Wrist and Finger Knuckles :)

as_HyperSkin : Fingers Solver
Now Hyper Skinning System comes with Advance feature : Solve Fingers (Additional treatment for fingers' skinning).  Now it becomes more powerful with its advance features.. Solve Fingers & Smooth Nearest. I have utilized the Great Dane model in this presentation which is downloaded from creativecrash.com. Special Thanks to Chris Baker for such a awesome model.

as_HyperSkin - Birds Auto Skinning Edition

as_HyperSkin - Proxy Mesh Creation

as_HyperSkin - Lips Auto Skinning

as_EasyExp (Facial Rigging) : Lips N Eyes Auto Rigger with Auto Skinning For Lips ..

For the first time I have done Titles Design & Animation. Hope you like it .. Features:
1. Generate the lip curves from selected edges on lips
2. One click to generate complete lips rig
3. Supports integration with different pipelines
4. Hyper Skinning (Auto Skinning) on Lips and Eye Lids
5. Auto orientation of controls
6. Pipeline friendly - Global Scaling etc

as_HyperSkin_v3.0 : Video Tutorials

Auto Bird Rigging !!

Auto Snake Rigging Tools


About This Book - Learn Python Scripting From Life Examples

Learn how to create your own tools to speed up your workflow with the power of Python Scripting.

With the help of this guide, you can create your own tools in just 3 weeks. I shared my industry secrets, strategies I used to create tools that saved thousands of hours of production time. My tools got downloaded over 10K+ times on creative crash. If you are a CG Artist, who never wrote a line of code in your life this book is the best place to start learning how to code for VFX. I wish I had this book, when I first started. By the end of this book, you will have hands on experience writing 15+ tools and 10+ mini python modules (step by step instructions, and video tutorials included)

Coming Soon .. In 2019

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