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Tips (How to use it)
1. Try to learn where to start (which vertex to select) and when to stop after n number of times
2. Practice above tip as much as you can to better utilize this tool.

Its a just unlimited version of Smooh aka as_SmoothNearest feature in as_HyperSkin.
as_SmoothNearest is the advance feature and magic tool in Advance Hyper Skinning System.
The more you use it, The more it will be smarter ..

Some of the areas for testing : Biped, Quad, Bird, Snake etc ..
1. At Palm and fingers base area with fingers in pose
2. Hip area with one leg front and one leg back in pose
3. Shoulder below area and Neck below area (hand up in pose)
4. Cloths : Every where, After transfering skinning from body to cloths ..
For now, It is compiled only for Maya 2012, 2014 and 2015, you can try for other versions but not sure..