Free Download - as_EasyRig and as_HyperPoint (30 days Trail Edition - valid up to 15/03/18) - Coming soon : 90 days trail version 




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"Now joints' placement for Bipeds, Quadruped and  Bird rigs is just easy as never before .."
as_HyperPoint (Bipeds) for as_EasyRig (Auto Biped Rigging Tool) 

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Tested as_HyperPoint  on these models - Girl, 2 Man models with different topology, woman, Lady and old man
Still R&D is going on for the better placement of joints and to support more features  ..
And more editing tools are WIP for for faster editing of joints placements ..

as_HyperPoint (Bipeds : Part-01) : 

as_HyperPoint (Bipeds : Part-02) : 

as_HyperPoint (Quads) : 

as_HyperPoint (Birds) :