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as_HyperPoint (as_EasyQuad) : Auto Joints Placer On Quadrupeds

as_HyperPoint (as_EasyQuad) : Auto Joints Placer (Auto Quadruped Rigging) from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

"Now joints' placement for quadruped rigs is just a piece of cake.."
Introducing as_HyperPoint(Quads) with as_EasyQuad (Auto Quadruped Rigging Tool)

Tested as_HyperPoint on these models - Wolf, Horse and Elephant
I am in need of more models for testing as_HyperPoint (Quads)

Still R&D is going on for the better placement of joints ..
And more editing tools are WIP for for faster editing of joints placements ..

as_HyperPoint (Birds) :
Auto Joints Placer On Birds Can Be Seen Here ..

asNode -- A Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya (Part 01 : Video Tutorial)
asNode played major role while developing as_HyperPoint for as_EasyQuad.
With this, Development time has been reduced drastically.
Here goes the link about asNode:

Hope you enjoy it ..