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Multi Snakes Automation & Animation

We need to automate and animate multiple snakes initially planned for 200 snakes.
These snakes are magical snakes : They are flying in the air, jumping in to flames, crawling on the ground and then falling in to pit.

All these actions (animation) is achieved by automated multiple snakes animation

as_MultiSnakes & as_MultiPaths : Features
1. Automation of Multi Snakes Animation
2. Multi Snakes Crawling On Body
3. Multi Snakes Crawling On Floor
4. Automated Wave Motion For Snakes
5. Travel Along Motion Paths
6. Automated Multi Paths Creation On Ground and Body
7. Special Tools For Editing Snakes Animation
8. Automated Attachment Of Snakes to Motion Paths
9. Multi Snaks Integration With as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging)



AOD MultiSnakes -Rigged & Animated By Python Scripting


Initially we felt how to animate this many Snakes, which are flying, jumping and crawling on body and ground.

Later, Have written two Scripts : and
With these we can generate paths along the body, wood and then on to ground.
Auto edit of paths is provided for easy editing of paths.

Then, Snakes are attached to paths and animated with some randomness by
Special tools are provided to edit snakes on paths.

All these snakes are animated in Two days with one animator :)