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Maya Rigging


Multi Snakes Automation & Animation

We need to automate and animate multiple snakes initially planned for 200 snakes.
These snakes are magical snakes : They are flying in the air, jumping in to flames, crawling on the ground and then falling in to pit.

All these actions (animation) is achieved by automated multiple snakes animation

as_MultiSnakes & as_MultiPaths : Features
1. Automation of Multi Snakes Animation
2. Multi Snakes Crawling On Body
3. Multi Snakes Crawling On Floor
4. Automated Wave Motion For Snakes
5. Travel Along Motion Paths
6. Automated Multi Paths Creation On Ground and Body
7. Special Tools For Editing Snakes Animation
8. Automated Attachment Of Snakes to Motion Paths
9. Multi Snaks Integration With as_EasySnake (Auto Snake Rigging)



Python Scripting : AOD In-between Hair (Rigged by Scripting)

Initially we animated 8 no of snakes on the head.
Later we need to simulate the hair between the snakes in similar way.
We don't have any collision solution.

Finally, Have written one script,
It makes the in-between hair to follow the motion of the snakes on the head.

Yellow color tubes indicates In-between hair movement



AOD MultiSnakes -Rigged & Animated By Python Scripting


Initially we felt how to animate this many Snakes, which are flying, jumping and crawling on body and ground.

Later, Have written two Scripts : and
With these we can generate paths along the body, wood and then on to ground.
Auto edit of paths is provided for easy editing of paths.

Then, Snakes are attached to paths and animated with some randomness by
Special tools are provided to edit snakes on paths.

All these snakes are animated in Two days with one animator :)



Rigging & Scripting Show Reel 2011

Rigging & Scripting Show Reel -2011 from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

Am proud to be part of 'Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu', a Disney movie
My role in this is -Rigger & Tools developer (Hair & Snakes etc)  -Subbu Addanki

Auto Rigging for Snakes, Wind, Hair & Butterfly 

I have done below tasks in Once Upon A Warrior (Disney Movie):

1. As per director's visualization, to achieve the hair simulation, I have rigged the most of the hair in this movie with scripting & provided wave motion in rig itself.

2. I have Animated multiple snakes on the ground and on human body with "as_MultiSnakeKit Tool" & provided various tools to animators to edit the multiple snakes animation in less possible time.

3. "Auto Wind Tool" is developed by me to create wind on the foliage at many areas in this movie.

4. Common "Auto Rigging Tool" for insects is developed. It is used for butterflies (anaganaga oka dheerudu), mosquitoes (Robot) and other insects.

5. Auto animation for snake tongues and hair snakes

6. Scripting for grill snake rigs

7. Rigged all hair snakes and hair with programming

8. Provided path animation for all snakes in this movie

9. Animated in-between hair snakes and hair with scripting

10. Wave motion in flying hair

11. Rag-Doll simulation for falling snakes

12. Developed many Auto Snake Rigging tools based on situation

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Producer: Walt Disney/Abode
Director: Prakash Kovelamudi
Prinicipal VFX Studio: Firefly |
VFX Supervisor: Phani Eggone
Rigging & Tools Development : Subbu Addanki